After-Sales Service

Solve any problems of customers and make good customer relationships last forever.
Xinglass has a perfect after-sales service system. We have sales and after-sales service centers in China, the United States, Canada, France, India, Mexico, the Middle East, South America, providing direct after-sales service and technical support for global customers. Implementation of Xinglass service commitment to every customer ensures the status of Xinglass in domestic and international market.
Xinglass has a professional after-sales service team, to provide you with fast, convenient, all-round service. Over the years, we have gained high praise and positive feedback of our services from our customers and established an excellent reputation in the global market.
  • Technical Support

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Technical teams and support in many countries around the world
    To meet the general and special needs of customers
    100% quick response (response within 5 minutes, detailed solution within 12 hours)
    Not only do we provide 24/7 after-sales service, but our offices in China and abroad can provide technical support directly to our customers on a national and global scale. Our service staff can get in touch with you quickly and get to the scene more quickly to provide technical support.
  • Spare Parts Supply

    Compatible with standard parts
    Easy to find parts locally
    Fast shipping, distribution service
    Spare parts in stock USA and China, sufficient parts supply
    Since we provide customers with standard and customized products, we can choose the appropriate machine parts based on your needs. Because we understand the importance of fast completion of machine maintenance, we provide most of the parts compatible with general standard parts to facilitate future machine maintenance.
  • Machine Upgrade & Remodeling

    Hardware and software upgrades
    Improve production efficiency, increase productivity
    Enhance functions and add more functions
    Renovate, remodel machinery with warranty
    Extend machine life-time
    Today, the machine technology is changing so fast that it is important to make your machine more efficient, more productive and more reliable, to meet today’s industry needs.
  • Machine Relocation

    Guarantee no problem after relocation
    Machine testing and overall calibration
    Get machine back into production in the shortest time
    Xinglass offers machine relocation services to our customers, only we can make sure that machine quality and product quality will not be affected, and the machine can restore production without any problem in the shortest time. The relocation work is recommended to be done by Xinglass only.
  • Machine Training

    Regular operation training
    Advanced machine training
    Online and on-site training
    Training video and instructions manual
    Troubleshooting skills training
    Xinglass offers free training for all new customers, we provide machine operators professional training to ensure that customers can operate the machine independently. Help customers learn more in-depth operations and techniques, and better understand the machine itself, help customers significantly improve machine production efficiency and productivity.
  • Machine Inspection and Maintenance

    Free machine inspection service
    Free inspection report, maintenance suggestions
    Regular maintenance service
    Machine annual inspection and maintenance service
    Only Xinglass can provide our customers with the most correct machine maintenance guidance and recommendations. We help you inspect your equipment and provide you with the best maintenance solutions and maintenance suggestions according to various conditions.

Xinglass technicians are always ready to help customers and meet their needs

Xinglass provides on-site and remote services
  • On-site technical
  • Remote technical
  • Remote equipment monitoring and debugging services
  • Online Customer

Our after-sales service is based on customer needs and satisfaction

In addition, all staff have skills of communicating with customers online through telephone Zoom、Teamviewer、WhatsApp and other online applications, realizing the remote support and assistance to customers, saving time and cost for both parties. The technicians solve problems for customers through Internet technology and other technologies so that customers and Xinglass maintain a good relationship.
If you are already our customers, you can request any technical support.

After-Sales Service Examples

  • 01.
    After the machine is installed, we provide on-site training to the customer until the customer has fully understand the operation
  • 02.
    Provide customers with machine spare parts for life
  • 03.
    Regularly visit customers to solve their problems in production or operations
  • 04.
    Provide machine upgrade, modification and relocation services
  • 05.
    Communicate with customers regularly to remind them to carry out necessary machine maintenance. Provide on-site service if requested by customers.

Customer Satisfaction is our Number One priority

Please feel free to contact us, we will provide you and your business with any help.