We sincerely invite outstanding companies to establish strategic partnerships with us

Through years of improvement and growth, Xinglass has established and owned a well-connected sales and after-sales network by cooperating with first-class enterprises and companies to realize the optimization of product quality and maximize the commercial benefits of partners. As a leading manufacturer in the glass deep processing equipment industry, Xinglass has been creating and establishing a variety of cooperative relations, adopting a stable and long-term cooperation and win-win development model, expanding and integrating resources in the industry, so as to achieve long-term development. We have gained an excellent reputation in the industry.

Excellent Agency Company
Can provide network and market for product sales. Professional sales representatives will promote high-quality products.
High-Level Technical Service Company
It can provide high-quality technical support and services to all new and old customers, so as to achieve the goal of satisfying customers.
Quality Supplier
It can provide high-quality raw materials for the production of Xinglass.
Glass Fabricators
Have their own advantages and establish a strategic partnership with Xinglass.
The Age of Competition, the Age of Winning
This is an age of fierce competition, and it is also an age that requires everyone to work together to move forward. Therefore, Xinglass sincerely hopes to form strategic partnerships with other companies, agents, suppliers, technical service companies, etc., to make promotion easier, so as to jointly promote the development of each other from a long-term perspective. If you are also interested and confident in Xinglass contact us! Contact us