Nowadays, glass has been indispensable for people’s daily life. It has a wide range of applications such as architecture, home appliances, automotive, decoration, photovoltaic, electronics, etc. It also gradually becomes a very important method for people to beautify their living environment. The deep processing of glass, that enhances glass safety and special functions, has become more and more important, and its technical requirements are also getting higher. The products of Xinglass include tempering furnace series for flat glass/bent glass, washing machine series, laminating machine series, edging machine series, other kinds of glass processing machinery, and customized special equipment for glass deep-processing. Product applications include architecture, building, commercial, residential, household appliances, automotive, decoration, electronics, and other glass deep processing industry. Xinglass provides a lot of manufacturers with a variety of glass processing equipment that is suitable to the demands of high-quality, promotes safety and quality of glass products for global glass industry users and provides professional high-quality after-sales service, won the consistent high praise of customers, and won the good reputation in the industry.
Home Appliance
  • Architectural

    Architects have been using glass to enhance design for the buildings for a long time. In recent years, glass is becoming more and more popular in architecture industry due to its modernness, beauties, fashion-looking, durability, seeing through, and sustainability. Architects often use tempered and laminated glass for modern buildings and continue to innovate building technologies. Tempered glass is a safety glass that is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. By using this type of glass, buildings can meet safety standards while maintaining ornamental value.
    In addition to being used in building structures, curtain walls, doors and windows, interior decoration, shower enclosures, fire proof and other fields, in recent years, with the industry trend of environmental protection and energy saving and the increasingly strict building regulations, the standards and requirements of the construction industry are constantly improving. Energy-saving glass, safety glass, and smart glass are increasingly used in the construction industry to achieve safety and energy-saving goals. Energy-saving glass can achieve the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, such as heat-absorbing glass, low-emissivity glass, insulating glass, heat-reflecting glass, vacuum glass, etc. Energy-saving glass can reflect a large amount of thermal radiation back into the room, reducing the loss of indoor heat, or reducing the transmission of solar energy, reducing the need for indoor cooling. By increasing the energy efficiency of windows, the energy consumption for heating and cooling buildings is greatly reduced.
    Xinglass has high-quality glass tempering furnaces that can meet the needs of all markets and industries. As the company's flagship product, the tempered glass produced by it has a flat and smooth surface, which can absorb or transmit light well. It far exceeds the industry standard in terms of glass quality, optics and safety, reaching the leading level at home and abroad.
  • Home Appliance

    With the booming development of the furniture and household appliances industry worldwide, the requirements of the complexity, functionality, product quality, and processing efficiency of household appliances glass are also increasing to meet the convenience and comfort of people's lives. For example, lamps and lights, refrigerators, induction cooker, microwave, oven, air conditioning, cabinet, furniture, display screen, electronic panel, and so on, the glass processing not only requires safety and transparency, so that furniture appliances are easy to clean and use, but also creates a comfortable, elegant, and fashionable atmosphere for all kinds of home appliances products.
    Xinglass glass deep-processing machinery and equipment, has outstanding performance in the global home appliance industry and market. By providing advanced heat treatment and toughening technology, Xinglass helps customers to produce and process glass according to strict requirements and processes. The Xinglass glass tempering furnaces have comprehensive functions and high stability and are the best choice for mass processing of indoor and household glass.
  • Automotive

    No matter how the automotive market has been changing, Xinglass always keeps the same pace with it. That is because Xinglass stays acutely aware of the rapid-changing market of automotive in the world. Xinglass constantly improves its own products and technology based on self-motivation, market research, and high industry sensitivity. Therefore, the glass deep processing machinery of Xinglass can effectively produce the glass products required by the market, and meet the needs of customers in the fields of automobiles, buses, high-speed railways, ships and so on. The good result talks loud.
  • Solar

    In the solar and photovoltaic glass industries, photovoltaic panels need thinner glass, and the requirements for the glass itself are increasing day by day, and the output requirements are larger. Solar concentrators require more flexible shapes of glass, and the demand for various products is increasing. Xinglass’s Star Product Machinery enables glass processors to produce thinner glass and more flexible shapes by providing advanced technologies and processes. The processed glass meets the needs of various solar panels and photovoltaic glass products in the market.
    With more than 20 years of experience in the glass industry, many customers in the solar and photovoltaic industries have confidence in choosing Xinglass. Quality glass products mean everything to customers. Stable and continuous processing of glass with high standards is a requirement of Xinglass products, and it is also a guarantee for customers to feel at ease after choosing Xinglass.


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