... If…

If you want high-quality, cost-effective glass machinery that best suits your needs;
If you want a trustworthy and reliable company to help you take care of the entire process from equipment procurement to production;
If you want to obtain the required machine parts easily and quickly in the future equipment maintenance;
If you need high quality and intimate after-sales service and technical support;
If you need any knowledge of glass processing machinery or glass technology, as well as the latest industry information;
If you want to save the high price difference earned by middlemen;
If you have often encountered problems with machines of other brands in the past, or the machine failure has made you feel annoyed;
If you want to have glass machinery that can run for decades and continue to generate revenue for your business;
If you want to maximize your profits, succeed in the glass processing field;

Then, we will always be your first choice!

14 Reasons to Choose Xinglass

  • REASON 1

    Glass Industry Experience

    Xinglass is one of the earliest enterprises in China to start producing glass deep processing machinery. Years of industry experience and technology development ensure the product quality.
  • REASON 2

    Market Position

    Among all Chinese glass tempering furnace manufacturers, Xinglass has the third-largest market share in the United States. Xinglass’s products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world, and a considerable part of the products are exported to countries and regions with high quality requirements such as developed countries in Europe and the United States.
  • REASON 3

    Industry Position

    Over the years, Xinglass has actively contributed to the development of the industry. The company has established a very good cooperative relationship with several domestic and foreign industry leaders, and constantly promotes the development of the industry. Xinglass has joined many international glass industry organizations, such as the NGA of the United States, Glass Association of China, Glass Association of Europe, and many other countries. Every year, Xinglass’s best-selling products are exhibited at the largest Glass industry trade shows around the world: GlassBuild America, Glasstec, China Glass, ZAK, etc.
  • REASON 4

    Engineering Team

    Xinglass has a group of rare and experienced professionals, mastering the most cutting-edge professional technologies in the industry, and has many years of design and manufacturing experience. Therefore, the company's technical team has strong technical and equipment research and development capabilities.
  • REASON 5

    Technical Advantages

    Xinglass current patents and technology are at the international leading level.
  • REASON 6

    Manufacturing Capability

    Xinglass has a strong manufacturing capacity, with a production base of more than 20,000 square meters and first-class high-precision production and processing equipment, including CNC machining centers, laser cutting machines, high-precision WEDM machines, CNC milling machines and lathes. The factory realizes efficient management, lean manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing.
  • REASON 7

    Quality Assurance

    In the manufacturing process of each machine, there are at least more than 800 processes that have undergone strict quality control to ensure the quality of the machines in the future. Xinglass’s strict quality control system is the key to its product quality beyond other manufacturers.
  • REASON 8

    Product Lifetime

    The service life of Xinglass tempering furnace and other equipment can reach several decades. Customers who own Xinglass equipment will continue to operate the equipment for at least 25 years and obtain continuous high investment returns for at least 25 years.
  • REASON 9

    After-Sale Service

    Xinglass has a perfect and complete after-sales service system. The company has sales and after-sales service points in China, the United States, Canada, France, India, Mexico, the Middle East, South America and other countries, providing direct after-sales service and technical support for global customers. Realizing the company's service commitment to every customer ensures Xinglass’s position in the international market.
  • REASON 10

    Customer Service

    Xinglass provides a no time difference 24/7 service, which provides a strong guarantee for the efficient and stable operation of equipment for customers around the world, and provides customers with the best customer experience. The after-sales staff are fluent in English and have no language barriers. The company's online customer service will answer any questions from customers within a few minutes, and the response speed and efficiency are much higher than other companies.
  • REASON 11

    Customer Recognition

    Over the years, Xinglass products have entered the domestic and foreign markets on a large scale and have been recognized by domestic and foreign glass deep-processing enterprises. From developed countries in Europe and America to developing countries, Xinglass has many satisfied customers in the world. The company has a good reputation and has never encountered problems with customers. Xinglass welcomes customers to visit the existing customer factories, talk to Xinglass's existing customers, and understand their experience using Xinglass products. 0% complaints and 100% customer satisfaction. Xinglass has high standards for its products and services, has greatly attracted and retained customers. It is why Xinglass is worth choosing and can cooperate for life.
  • REASON 12

    Customer Trust

    The repeat purchase rate is 100%, reflecting the customer's trust in Xinglass products. All the existing customers have chosen Xinglass again when purchasing new equipment due to their expansion.
  • REASON 13

    Customer Benefits

    Xinglass products are well-designed, high-quality materials, and reliable in function. From a long-term perspective for decades, users deserve Xinglass products. The product prices, spare parts prices, service prices are very reasonable, equipment maintenance costs are extremely low. Through the advanced technology of intelligence, digitization, and networking, Xinglass makes every piece of equipment give full play to its maximum commercial value. A large number of domestic and foreign glass deep processing enterprises choose Xinglass when purchasing new equipment after using other brands of equipment.

Details Make A Difference

Glass processing machinery and equipment are a long-term investment for all customers. We pay great attention to the quality and durability of parts and materials used in the equipment, produce and assemble equipment with high standards and requirements, and use redundant designs to improve product quality and reliability.

For example:

When the material is used, the stress is 200kg. In the design, we will use more than 3 times the material with a stress greater than 600kg.
When the processing technology requires a precision of 0.1mm, we will adopt a process requirement of 0.02mm in the design to ensure higher quality.
When a electric relay operates 100 times a day, we will design it for use at least 500 times a day.
When a mechanism needs a 2kw motor to drive, we will use a 4kw motor to ensure that the current is not overloaded and prolong the service life of the motor.

Therefore, our machines can be used continuously and stably for decades.

We sell and serve directly to any customer around the world, without the middleman, the price is guaranteed.
We are engineers and technicians, unlike salespeople who boast, we tell the truth and provide the truest technical details.
We pay great attention to detail in the selection of every part on our machine. Details determine success or failure. It is our goal to make the product have a long service life and save a lot of cost and time for customers on machine maintenance.
We have provided high-quality glass processing machinery and technical services for a vast amount of glass companies in more than 40 countries around the world.
We design standard and customized glass machines according to your needs and provide you with products that best suit your business. Not the biggest, but the most suitable, because only the most suitable equipment can create the most profit for you.
Through many years of manufacturing experience, we understand how to meet and exceed customers’ requirement in every aspect.
Our machines have superior performance, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, reliable functions and reasonable prices. We have been investing a lot of time and energy in researching higher performance, higher efficiency, and higher reliability machines.