Our Culture

"Guaranteeing survival by quality, and promoting development by technology" is the direction we always adhere to, and "pursuing quality, emphasizing practicality, continuous innovation, and continuous progress" is also our never-changing goal. On the basis of stabilizing existing products, we constantly develop new products suitable for different customer needs. Helping customers to obtain the best investment returns has always been our constant aim. We will continue to cooperate sincerely with new and old customers at home and abroad, enhance communications, make greater contributions to the globalization of our glass deep processing equipment, and jointly write a new chapter in the industry.


The mission of Xinglass is to facilitate the world’s glass industry using safe and high-quality glass and provide international advanced technology and solutions for glass deep-processing equipment. Help the customers get the best economic benefits and strengthen their core competitiveness in the glass business.


Xinglass continues to have a lifelong accompany with customers to deliver high-quality services and technical supports at any needed time. We strive for excellence and satisfy customers. We are devoted to providing first-class products and services for global customers, creating higher value for users, and becoming the world's most respected supplier of the glass industry.

Service Goal

A service slogan of Xinglass is "One Choice. Lifelong Service"

Xinglass aims to build and maintain a lifelong cooperation relationship with customers and partners to deliver high-quality products and excellent services, and establish the highest reputation in the industry.


The core values of Xinglass are innovation, responsibility, service, consistency, precision.

Innovation is forward-looking performance based on an understanding of market needs. Responsibility is the way Xinglass commits to the customers. Service is the key for Xinglass to succeed in the industry. Consistency is to always maintain the high quality of products and services to achieve customers’ goals.

Brand Business

Every year, Xinglass products are exhibited at the largest glass industry exhibitions in various countries in the world, and we also contributes as an member in various glass industry associations. By continuously deepening our understanding of customer needs, we build strong relationships and trust with our customers. Xinglass's goal is to provide the highest quality products and services that meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers in every aspect.


Environmental issues, such as environmental change and global warming, have always touched our hearts. Therefore, Xinglass teams are always concerned about energy saving with the use of advanced technicians for product design, minimizing energy consumption, reducing electricity use, contributing to the environment, and to our society. Xinglass understands and recognizes the responsibility to society, the Earth, and the people. Xinglass is willing to fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations at any time.


Xinglass aims to pursue a safe, sustainable, balanced, comprehensive, and coordinated development in the industry. Sustainable development is profitable and mutually beneficial. Xinglass wants to build a lifelong cooperative relationship with our customers, partners, and co-workers. Our sustainable development goal is to bring everyone joy, satisfaction, growth, and ensure that all people will succeed. Xinglass pays attention to energy saving and environmental protection in product design and development and enterprise supply chain, fully considers the eco-friendliness of manufacturing raw materials, and selects non-polluting raw materials and suppliers. Xinglass uses new digital technology, with the help of cloud services and industrial Internet, to produce energy-saving and green process solutions. From the optimization of equipment structure, energy consumption, logistics supply, we adhere to the principle of environmental protection, maximize energy conservation and emission reduction, and become the environment friendly modern business. Xinglass’s product development has been focused on improving the energy efficiency of equipment and helping customers to use machines efficiently. Moreover, the service life of the Xinglass tempering furnace and other equipment can reach at least several decades. Xinglass utilizes new digital, data, network, intelligent technology to improve the performance of the equipment, improve the quality of glass products and yield, to minimize the waste of materials. In addition, in terms of energy-saving and thermal insulation performance of glass tempering furnace itself, we adopt innovative processes and technologies to reduce the energy consumption by at least 25%-40% compared with the traditional tempering furnace.

Enterprise Mission

The enterprise mission of Xinglass is to become a first-class innovative and intelligent company, fully meet customers demands and exceed their expectations, and treat every customer with heart.
Create actual values through high-quality equipment for each customer and improve the profits and benefits of our customers’ business.