Service Goal

One choice, lifetime service. Help customers obtain the best economic benefits.
Xinglass aims to build and maintain a lifelong cooperative relationship with customers and partners to deliver high-quality services and establish the best reputation in the industry.

Service System

Xinglass has sales and after-sales service centers in China, the United States, Canada, France, India, Mexico, the Middle East, South America, and other countries to provide direct after-sales service and technical support for global customers.

No Service Delay, No Language Barriers

Xinglass provides a no time difference all-weather 24/7 service, providing guarantee for efficient and stable operation of equipment for customers around the world, and at the same time providing customers with the best customer experience. The after-sales staff are fluent in English without any language barriers, and Xinglass online customer service will answer any questions from customers within a few minutes, which is far faster and more efficient than other companies.


  • Solutions

    A full set of whole plant equipment (from cutting, edging, processing, washing to tempering)
    Glass processing enterprises production lines
    New factory setup, whole plant solutions
    Intelligent automation, smart factory
  • Technical Services

    Technical support
    Spare parts supply
    Machine renovation and upgrade
    Machine relocation
    Machine training
    Machine inspection
    Machine maintenance plan
  • Consultation service

    Equipment management
    Glass technology consultancy
    Production optimization
    Process flow and process optimization
    Production cost reduction
    Production efficiency improvement
    Referrals to other suppliers
Hangzhou Glass Technology Co., Ltd. (Xinglass) has established an excellent reputation in domestic and international markets through years of experience. Competitive high-quality products and comprehensive high-quality services are the key to Xinglass's good reputation. Xinglass provides glass deep processing equipment services based on customer needs. From machine manufacturing, shipping, installation, training, after-sales, service, to consulting, Xinglass will be fully responsible for ensuring the convenience and interests of customers.
  • High-Effective Service

    The service requirement of Xinglass is to ensure that every service is accurate and in place, to ensure that in the shortest time to provide customers with the most efficient service and to solve any technical problems for customers.
  • Good Reputation

    Xinglass recognizes and ensures that saving time and energy doesn’t only apply for the products but also for the delivery of services. Since our entry into the global market, we have received 100% positive comments from customers, and we have established a very good reputation in the global glass industry.

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be happy to provide any help to you and your business.